Candace Elder
It was such a magical night of spontaneity, courage, creative expression, inclusivity, throwing all caution to the wind and having a lot of fun - loved it!
Krizia Canvas Carlos
This is the Jam that opened my eyes to a new world and my ears to a new set of sounds. I have to say that growing as an artist in this city; this jam is one of the reasons that I've grown as the artist that I am today!
Ryan Rubix De Guzman
One of my most favorite, dear to my heart jams!

This event has drastically helped me grow as an artist & performer.

If you like live music for the soul, then I highly recommend checking this out!!!!!
Scott Henderson
That was a killer night.
Tim Lee Chen
We need more nights like this in Calgary!
Amazing talent and good vibes. Can't wait for the next one!
Mayowa Olu
Cameron Taylor
Thank you to the Jam for building the community in the most freestyle way possible!
Priscilla Bukasa
It was such a good show
Kimberley Jones
Omg YES!!! Finally!!!!!!
Karen Ann Sim
That...was the best jam in the history of everything.
Vi-An Diep
A huge thanks to everyone, you are all really quality beings in this city,
you make this city fine and your proactive momentum shines, carries all with you on your talented finger tips. I'm proud to have been part of this jam. Looking forward to more.
Nicole Andrea Pemberton
This was my first time at a JAM event and it was food for my soul!!!!!
Orlando Retana
Yeaaaa im coming to this one... cant wait!
Kirk Miles
I was very impressed with the event last night.
The B-boy dancers were some of the best I have ever seen. What a lot of talent this city has!
Rebecca Dawn
I <3 the Jam!
Cameron Taylor
That was OFFFF The hook!!! Thank you to the peeps!
Randy Quansah
The best improv performances!!
Benny Giang
One word. Awesome.
Sarge Venry
There's never a dull moment. This jam shall live on forever. I'm loving it every time.
Amanda Babalola
That moment when you hear over and over again
about the greatness you missed out on.
Rebecca Mvundura
Best dance party evvaa!!!!!
Every month its sometin new. Loves my JAM fam :)
Erin Smith
I'm in loooooooooooooove!
Thankful that the Legacy One crew enlightened me this evening with the soulful sounds of "The Jam" at UBU lounge! I'm officially a regular!
Chad Hackett
If you missed this, you missed a great thing.
Trini Lopez
This was the most fun and the BEST music i've heard in yearrrs. I was grooving all night and hated for it to end!!! Anyone who missed this, don't let yourself miss the next one, these musicians are REAL
Mark Gendy
I'm THERE for suuuuuuuuuuure!!!!!!!!